Automatically Set Brightness Level on Startup in Ubuntu

One of the most unacceptable things in Ubuntu is that it doesn’t remember the brightness level you have set before. Thus, by default, you need to set it again and again on every startup. But while waiting for this to be corrected, you can simply set a command that changes the brightness level to be

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Offline Dictionaries in Ubuntu

Most offline dictionary applications in Windows and other OS’s have an exclusive installer that only installs that specific dictionary, and when you search for the same thing for Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro) you don’t find it. Personally, I don’t know any dictionary available for Linux that can be exclusively installed.

A Noob’s Guide to Installing NVIDIA Optimus Driver in Ubuntu (Bumblebee)

When NVIDIA Optimus technology first seen the light, it wasn’t compatible with Linux. Many solutions to this problem appeared then. Using Bumblebee is one of them. In this post I am going to show you how to do that.

The Most Awesome Way to Download Youtube Videos in Linux

There are many ways for downloading Youtube videos that work on almost all operating systems, I know that most of you, geeky people, know a buch of them; but what I am going to show in this post is how to dowload Youtube videos more awesomely using Linux

Is Compiz Consuming Too much CPU? Here’s The Solution!

I recently realized that Compiz on my Ubuntu 12.04, was cosuming between 20% and 30% of my CPU even if I’m doing anything that requires graphical ressources. This was reported to launchpad; yet, the problem is still there. But there is a little trick, which I’m going to show you, that can solve it.

How to Solve Brightness-is-not-changing Issue in 12.04

Actually, the issue I’m talking about is the fact of not being able to change the screen brightness (backlight), neither using Fn key nor using “Brightness and Lock” in system settings. The solution is to change the brightness value in a specific file, manually.

Insync Brings Google Drive to Ubuntu in a More “Graphical” Way

Hello guys! In one of my previous posts, I talked about how to sync Google Drive with Ubuntu using Grive. It was one of the rare ways to do that, since Google Drive isn’t yet ‘natively’ supporting Linux based operating systems. Now a better tools appeared, so I’m writing this new post to talk about

How to Change Mouse Wheel Function in XBMC

By default, while playing a video in XBMC, the mouse wheel scroll function controls forward and rewind. However, controling volume with the mouse wheel would be more practical.

How To Install The New Ubuntu’s WebApp Feature

Recently, Ubuntu introduced a new and very exiting feature which is WebApps. This feature allows you to integrate websites’ web apps with Unity desktop whenever it is possible; for now, this new feature supports 33 of them including GMail, Facebook, Twitter…

How to Save Power in Ubuntu and Make Your Battery Last Longer

People that used to use Windows before using Ubuntu may have noticed that Ubuntu consumes battery energy very fast; this is due to the fact that, unlike Windows, Ubuntu doesn’t have any energy manager installed with it. In this post, I will be showing you how to install one called Jupiter.