Is Compiz Consuming Too much CPU? Here’s The Solution!

I recently realized that Compiz on my Ubuntu 12.04, was cosuming between 20% and 30% of my CPU even if I’m doing anything that requires graphical ressources. This was reported to launchpad; yet, the problem is still there. But there is a little trick, which I’m going to show you, that can solve it.

Before I applyed this trick, this is how my system monitor used to look like:

To start, install compizconfig-settings-manager, then open it trough the dash.

Now click on OpenGL plugin to configue it

Then uncheck “Sync To VBlank”. you might want to select “Fast” in Texture Filter.

That’s it. Compiz now won’t consum too much CPU.

Written by Mohamed

Mohamed, the founder of, is a 20 years old fella from Morocco

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  2. saint_667 Reply

    Thanks – it seems to have gone down from 20-30% to 4-5% – however I am using an on-board intel-ivy bridge card

  3. rohith Reply

    I could solve it on virtual box by changing the below virtual box settings

    settings-> display

    select checkbox “Enable 3D Acceleration”

  4. Ben Reply

    Well it helped quite a lot but its still hovering around 12% +/- 8% on my acer C7 with chrubuntu, maybe i can work in some other solutions as well.

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