How to Change Mouse Wheel Function in XBMC

By default, while playing a video in XBMC, the mouse wheel scroll function controls forward and rewind. However, controling volume with the mouse wheel would be more practical.

In case you don’t already have it, XBMC is a great and open source media center that has a lot of great features.

To change the mouse wheel function, you need to edit an XML file; and to do this, run the following command:

sudo gedit ‘/usr/share/xbmc/system/keymaps/mouse.xml’

Then add the following code before </keymap> and after <keymap>


That’s it! scrolling up or down must now change the volume.

  • Lukasz

    It doesn’t work on my XBMC. I have XBMC 12 (on previous 11 didn’t work as well) on Windows 7. When I scroll my mouse it just skips to different location on the movie ..

    • Mohamed Semlali

      I don’t know where the xml file to modify is located in the Windows 7 installation. Are you sure you modified the right file?

      • Mohamed SeWeLam

        here is the location of the file on Win 7:

        C:Program Files (x86)XBMCsystemkeymapsmouse.xml

        • Mohamed Semlali

          Thank you for the information.

        • Bob

          Actually the folder to place mouse.xml is: C:UsersProfilenameAppDataRoamingXBMCuserdatakeymaps