How to Play Nintendo 64 Games on Ubuntu Using Mupen64Plus

There are some very known Nintendo emulators for Windows that are easy to install and use. There are also some for Linux, but I wouldn’t say they are easy neither to install nor to use.

Step 1.

Mupen64Plus is a Nintendo 64 Emulator. To get it, you can either just click here OR you can open up a new terminal window and run the following command :

sudo apt-get install -y mupen64plus

Now you’ll have to wait a bit for the download and the installation of the application, then look up for the it in your applications menu, it should be there.

Step 2. Playing!

Now there still one last thing to do, just get a game’s ROM file (from this site for example), open it with Mupen64Plus and have fun!


Unfortunately, Mupen64Plus doesn’t have a graphical user interface anymore, and you won’t find it in the Ubuntu dash after the installation. Thus, to play a game, write “mupen64plus” without quotes in a terminal window, then drag your game’s rom file and drop it on the that window. Most rom files are .v64

Screenshot from 2013-08-04 03-20-07



A graphical user interface for mupen64plus can be found here Thanks to Jani for sharing the link.

Written by Mohamed

Mohamed, the founder of, is a 20 years old fella from Morocco

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    • Mohamed Semlali Reply

      Could you give more details about this problem? For example, what is the terminal output after you run sudo apt-get install mupen64plus

  1. campanixo Reply

    I do the installation but it doesnt appear anywhere. If i go in the ubuntu software center it shows that i have it installed. Can you help me?

    • Mohamed Semlali Reply

      I’m sorry for that. New versions of mupen64plus no longer have a graphical user interface. Once installed, you need to run “mupen64plus paths/to/your/rom/file” to run a game. (don’t copy the quotes and replace paths/to/your/room/file with the real path to your rom file). This post will be edited as soon as possible.

      • campanixo Reply

        I dont know how to do that, but i’ve tried using a frontend like m64py and cutemupen but they need me to put the paths wich i dont know where they are. I looked it up online and i’ve found the right paths but when i try to choose them, some are impossible to choose, they exist but its just not possible to choose them, and some just dont exist, so i dont know what to do anymore. Can you tell me exactly what to write on the terminal to run a rom? Thanks

        • Mohamed Semlali Reply

          I didn’t try to add a GUI for Mupen64plus yet. However, the terminal command I gave you is working for me ( ). My Rom file is a .v64 though (not .z64 as I see in terminal output). Just try to get your game in the right format (I downloaded mine from here open up a terminal window, type in “mupen64plus” then drag the .v64 rom file and drop it on the terminal window. I hope this will work.

      • campanixo Reply

        Oh and when i try the terminal it says Error: couldn’t open ROM file ‘/home/bigos/Área_de_Trabalho/ROMS/majorasmask.z64′ for reading.

  2. ssss Reply

    thanks for the post! i almost went nuts when in could not find the gui, know i know they left it out. f****** s***! why in gods name would they want to do that?

  3. Moaz Ibrahim Reply

    Mupen64Plus Console User-Interface Version 2.0.0

    UI-Console: attached to core library ‘Mupen64Plus Core’ version 1.99.5

    UI-Console: Includes support for Dynamic Recompiler.

    UI-Console: Includes support for MIPS r4300 Debugger.

    Core: Goodname: Super Mario 64 (U) [!]

    Core: Name: SUPER MARIO 64

    Core: MD5: 20B854B239203BAF6C961B850A4A51A2

    Core: CRC: 635a2bff 8b022326

    Core: Imagetype: .z64 (native)

    Core: Rom size: 8388608 bytes (or 8 Mb or 64 Megabits)

    Core: Version: 1444

    Core: Manufacturer: Nintendo

    Core: Country: USA

    UI-Console Status: Cheat codes disabled.

    UI-Console: using Video plugin: ‘Arachnoid Video Plugin’ v2.0.0

    UI-Console: using Audio plugin: ‘Mupen64Plus SDL Audio Plugin’ v1.99.5

    UI-Console: using Input plugin: ‘Mupen64Plus SDL Input Plugin’ v1.99.5

    UI-Console: using RSP plugin: ‘Hacktarux/Azimer High-Level Emulation RSP Plugin’ v2.0.0

    Input: 0 SDL joysticks were found.

    Input: N64 Controller #1: Forcing default keyboard configuration

    Input: 1 controller(s) found, 1 plugged in and usable in the emulator

    Input: Mupen64Plus SDL Input Plugin version 1.99.5 initialized.

    Core: Setting 32-bit video mode: 640×480

    Audio: Initializing SDL audio subsystem…

    Core: Starting R4300 emulator: Dynamic Recompiler

    Core: R4300: starting 64-bit dynamic recompiler at: 0x7f97827a48d0

    Video: Selected UCode 0 String=RSP SW Version: 2.0D, 04-01-96

    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    #Devs what shall do now eh?

  4. Cole Cameron Reply

    Holy crap! I’ve looked all over for a tutorial like this! Thank you so much!

  5. Alvaro Reply

    Can I use a N64 controller? you know with the adapter and all?

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