How to Share Folders in LAN (Ubuntu)

Most people may find it hard to figure out how to share files within a local network that is using Ubuntu or other Linux based distro, especially comers from Windows (it was my case). But I did figure out the way to do that; and believe me, doing it on Ubuntu is even simpler than Windows. Keep reading to find out how.

By default Ubuntu doesn’t allow to share files until you install an application that can do that. We are not going to search for it because when you try to share a folder locally, your system asks you if you want to download and install it. So just choose any folder you like to share then right-click on it and choose Sharing Options

A window is going to be shown that contains the sharing options, I mean if you want to choose another name to be shown for other network users, if you want do allow network users to edit files or not… You may edit this yourself. Check Share this folder, then the system is gonna ask you to install additional software (Samba) to do this; just allow it to download and install this.

Note that not only Samba is going to be installed, but some other softwares as well, such as a Nautilus extension to share folder using Samba…

Finally, click on Create Share to share the folder; the folder’s icon will look like the following:

Now everything is done. To access the shared folder through other computers of the network, just open up Nautilus, in the left sidebar click on Browse Network then choose the name of the computer in which the folder is shared and you will see it.

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    It worked fine for me.