Insync Brings Google Drive to Ubuntu in a More “Graphical” Way

Hello guys! In one of my previous posts, I talked about how to sync Google Drive with Ubuntu using Grive. It was one of the rare ways to do that, since Google Drive isn’t yet ‘natively’ supporting Linux based operating systems. Now a better tools appeared, so I’m writing this new post to talk about it and show you how to install and use it.

This new tool is called InSync. It is more practical and more ‘graphical’ than Grive, which make it the best (At least for now).

If you’ve already familiar with Dropbox client for Linux, you’ll rapidly get familiar with Insync too, since these two are nearly the same.

Insync has a tray icon, a folder when synced files are stored and a good integration with Nautilus; so you don’t have to do anything manually as was the case with Grive, and even GWoffice

Download And Install InSync

  • Firstly, you need to download Insync from here;
  • Secondly, extract the downloaded archive in your home folder or wherever you want, because you’ll not need it anymore after the installation is done.
  • Get into insync folder through the terminal. If you’ve extracted its files into your home folder, the commande to run is : cd ~/insync
  • Now run ./insync-installer to install the program, then wait a little.
  • After the installation is complet, you’re now able to remove the folder you created.
  • Every time you want to run Insync, you must execute insync in a terminal window.
  • Finally, to make Insync launch on startup, go to Startup Applications and add a new entry with “insync” as a command to run (without quotes)

New Version Available

Recently, a new Beta of this software was released (0.9.17) providing DEB and RPM packages.



Written by Mohamed

Mohamed, the founder of, is a 20 years old fella from Morocco

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