The Most Awesome Way to Download Youtube Videos in Linux

There are many ways for downloading Youtube videos that work on almost all operating systems, I know that most of you, geeky people, know a buch of them; but what I am going to show in this post is how to dowload Youtube videos more awesomely using Linux ;)

To do this, you need to install a package called youtube-dl from Ubuntu’s official repositories, just look up for it in the software center or you can visit the official website if you’re using another distro.


What makes youtube-dl awesome is that it doesn’t have a GUI :D, to use it, you need to launch a terminal window.

This is an example of how to download a video:

youtube-dl -f 18

-f parameter let you choose the format of the video, in this example the format is18, which means 320p. A full list of formats and their numbers can be found here.

Another parameters can be added, the ones I use the most are –extract-audio and –audio-format; the first one lets you get only the audio from the video file, the second one lets you choose the output file output format; here’s an example:

youtube-dl –extract-audio –audio-format mp3

More tips can be found in the official documentation.

Written by Mohamed

Mohamed, the founder of, is a 20 years old fella from Morocco

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  1. Instigator Reply

    Seems to be a constant cat-n-mouse game here … as of late June 2013 Youtube implemented an update that has broken most – if not all – downloaders, including this one. Time for you guys to go back to the drawing-board and see if you can get this working again.
    Thanks !

  2. likes_command_lines Reply

    It works for me. I just downloaded youtube-dl to a local directory and gave it the execute permission ( chmod u+x youtube-dl ).

    I ran it with no options, It works when you embed the URL in quotes.

    example :

    youtube-dl “”

  3. Waffa Reply

    How come this makes something cool if they have no GUI? Get real people : )
    Extra command line might be cool, but not having something is minus, seriously

    Lets make one now

  4. krishna Reply

    hey is there any rpm for dowonload youtube videos it’s just like a IDM in windowd
    plz reply

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